Why AR Trade Finance for Letters of Credit?

Opening a Letter of Credit with a bank requires either that your company qualifies for a conventional line of credit, or that you secure the Letter of Credit with cash or assets.

AR Trade Finance is a transactional based lender that focuses on the strengths of your opportunities rather than your assets. Many companies in need of trade finance do not meet the prerequisites of bank lines.

The ones that do, prefer not to allocate a large sum of the line to secure the Letter of Credit when the resource can be used more productively elsewhere. Put simply, most companies would certainly rather have cash available for more important needs than have it sit idle with a bank to secure a Letter of Credit.

When you chose AR Trade Finance you get one-on-one service. Through experience, we know that every client situation is unique, and we will work with you to ensure that any letter of credit issued best meets the specific goals of each and every transaction.

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