Project Finance


Project Finance gives you the capital to take on even larger projects and grow your business.

Why? Because it deems any solid contract as being bankable collateral. This means  insufficient capital or pledged assets are no longer barriers to growth. All you need is a solid contract with an established client and you are literally “in business!”

Transactional Lending – the new stairway to growth

Until now, your organization’s future was determined by its past. Growth was directly proportional to the strength of your assets. Not anymore. This is because Contract Finance is transaction-based. The stronger the contract, the more capital that can be leveraged.

Taking care of business

Project Finance won’t undermine your current business/lending arrangements. Furthermore, you will have additional capital to cover:

  • Fixed and variable expenses such as wages, insurance, transport/shipping, etc
  • Costs associated with mobilization
  • The acquisition/manufacture of new materials/goods and equipment
  • The requirements and conditions of existing contracts

A Finance Partner that says ‘Yes’ more often

Whenever you begin negotiations or preparation of a tender, your first consideration is financing. What will your cash flow needs be throughout the contract, from initial costs to final delivery?

AR Trade Finance understands the unique requirements of dealing with large commercial organizations and government departments. We can fund both domestic and international contract deliveries and can also offer our insight and years of experience to enhance your contracting relationships.

This support can shape the way you negotiate future contracts.

Best of all, by partnering with AR Trade Finance, you can grow your business.

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